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Amanda’s daughter, Bailey, has neuronopathic Gaucher type 3. She was diagnosed a month before her first birthday in 2008. She has been featured in articles with Love What Matters, Kinbox and The Gaucher Community Alliance as the Rare Disease Day Star 2021. Amanda is truly inspired by Bailey’s courage and hopes being as involved as possible in the Gaucher community, will give Bailey a passion to stay involved as she gets older. When Bailey was nine, she had surgery to have plates and screws placed in her hips as the result of being underdosed for several years. Amanda’s number one goal is to help prevent that type of situation for other families and hopes to do so by being more involved within the community. Bailey’s bravery and joy that she finds in life, even through unimaginable circumstances, motivates Amanda to be a helping hand for other families traveling down a similar road. She believes the more that we come together and spread awareness, the closer we get to a cure! Amanda Regalado, USA.